Saturday, May 9, 2015

Stand-up Desk Philippines

Stand-up Crank Desk

You Can Work While Standing or Sitting

All Filipino Original Craftsmanship that was based on the need of office people who are sitting more than 8 hours in front of their computers doing work, now there's an efficient and better way of doing your desktop work without sacrificing your health and that will benefit your productivity too. Featuring the Stand-up Crank Desk made from the Philippines.

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Did you know??? 

Sitting increases risk of death up to 40%, it's worst than the decrease of life on addict tobacco smokers. Sitting 5+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within 15 years, so if you're daily routine is sitting all day, you must be aware of this.

Just Facts!

Nowadays many companies on USA are changing the way of office workers who are sitting more than 8 hours per day into a standing while working using stand-up desks. Study shows that employees who are working in a standing position are much progressive than to those who are sitting all day long doing computer related jobs.

Stand-up Crank Desk is Here!

  • Stand-up desk are now available in the Philippines, Quality is guaranteed because all materials used were made in the Philippines. 

  • A lot cheaper too because of the shipping cost was deducted, it's almost 1/4 of the price where in you can buy these on USA for $900-$1000 that was about 45,000 Pesos, If you are residing here in the Philippines you can benefit a lot from it because it saves time and money, because if you will buy on USA or other countries the item will arrived to you in 2-3 months without guarantee that it will pass Bureau of Customs.

  • Great Savings from 45,000 Pesos it is only now available for as low as 32,000 Pesos with free delivery within Manila, Angeles City and Pampanga area. If you are living on other town of the Archipelago you can contact us so that we can talk about it, we can deliver it to you via LBC and other available courier that will suit your needs.

STAND UP DESK V.20 was  now completed and available for sale, see images below :

Dimensions and Materials Used:

Well Secured Packaging:
Right now we are only selling the version 2.0 of the Stand-up Desk Crank for only 32,000php(655USD) free shipment within Pampanga and Metro Manila. We can customize the table top as well into what you like but there's an additional fee for that depending upon the material that you would like us to use.



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